Nitori grows her hair into a bob after she starts getting bullied for wearing the girl's uniform to school. Brooke Unger joined The Economist in as banking correspondent. Also, the hair styles of Brennan and Hodgins changed throughout the series. When he returned from the dead, he started out with his trademark hairstyle, but traveling around in a warsuit to get back to Metropolis had the chemicals inside grow out his hair, which he kept until the wedding about four years later. Triple H in his heyday tended to sport a beard if he was a face.
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Expository Hairstyle Change

Sounds like a recipe for a rebound. Brown Regrowing Eyebrows Jul 7, by Agent For the previous four years, she edited Shashank Joshi is The Economist's Defence editor. We need hair to be in a certain growth stage for effective treatment and this is why this is very important. Male pattern baldness is still not fully understood. She supervises all The Economist's
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Baam goes from his adorably messy hair to Blinding Bangs concealing his shiny gold eyes and growing long hair, indicating his loss of trust and idealism and his gain of awesome asskicking powers. In the first game , Kazuma Kiryu's Big Bad Friend Akira "Nishiki" Nishikiyama has his hair slicked back to give him a smug, evil look, while in the prequel and the prologue of the first game, which takes place when he was still Kiryu's loyal blood brother, his hair is neatly parted down the middle. Her mind made up, Asuka firmly placed the clips back in the box and began rummaging through her suitcase. Go, "Meh," and walk away. Samurai Champloo has another example that requires knowledge of Japanese customs:
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We see her hair first grow out and then change to an undercut as at least several months pass. Eriko Kirishima, excitable fan of the occult, traded her waist-length ponytail for a short bowl-cut style in time for Persona 2. From a squeaky-clean doctor to an atoning monster hunter. Clarke changes her hair similarly in Season 3 as she's spending more time among the Grounders than her own people she also dyes her hair red while trying to live anonymously, but that doesn't last long. Specifically, the unit is no longer her 'only family' as she announced in the Tanker chapter - in between her appearances, she's become a mother.
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